Welcome to Larry Porta Counseling Services

Located in beautiful, Johnson City, Tennessee, Larry Porta Counseling offer’s a number of counseling services to the community. Whether it is individual counseling, group counseling, or couples counseling, Larry’s main goal is stand beside you. Whatever help you may need, Larry is there for you. He will help you receive medical care and treatment when needed, he can refer those who desire medication, and will teach you new skills and behaviors to minimize your symptoms.

Individual Counseling

A counseling session is generally a 50-minute session. We recognize that you may have gone, or are currently going, through a tough experience. Our role is to come beside you to help, guide, teach, direct, and encourage healthy changes in your life.

Group Counseling

Various group counseling sessions are offered to address issues such as emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. We offer substance abuse groups for individuals desiring to live a sober life. Larry is a Certified Addictions Professional, who has had great success working with others toward sobriety. This can be in substance abuse or sexual addictions.

Couples and Family Counseling

Couples who are in serious relationship trouble, or those in need of working through some relationship issues, are always welcome. Often a breakdown in a relationship is, and can be, devastating to family members. When a family is on an emotional roller coaster, of a divorce or a tragedy in a family, we are here to help ease your burden.

Depression / Anxiety

People come into counseling because their life is not working as well as they would like. Often our assessments discover that there is an undiagnosed depression or anxiety that has been unaddressed for quite some time. We refer those who desire to get medication to a helpful doctor,  and we teach new skills and behaviors to minimize those symptoms.

Substance Abuse

Larry specializes in helping those who desire to be free of drugs and alcohol. Whether you are addicted to pain pills (opiates), alcohol, or other substances, Larry is there for you. He will help arrange for you to get medical care, and treatment, with a doctor in conjunction with counseling.

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction takes on many forms, from pornography to infidelity. The results can be very damaging to relationships. This goes without saying anything about the destruction it has on the individual. If you want freedom from this disease, Larry has many years of experience.

What our Guests are Saying

I met Larry at a time in my life when I thought my wife and my marriage needed counseling. They did - but I needed it as much or more than they did. Larry was able to discern things about me in one session that other people took years to know or never knew at all. He is unconventional and, I believe, unusually gifted as a counselor. I have benefited from his unique approach and insights and will always consider him a good friend.
~ Michael

I went on an adventure trip with Larry and a group of guys a few years ago. I expected some fun and adventure and to take home some good memories, and I did. But I didn't realize I would also take home some valuable insights into my life and into life in general. Larry has a way of making you feel totally comfortable and yet helping you see things about yourself you maybe didn't see before or didn't want to see before. These trips are worth far more than the money spent on them. I can't recommend them highly enough.
~ Mike

I have known Larry for a number of years and if there is one thing I know about him is he is a great outdoorsman, leader and a fantastic therapist. Through counseling, Larry has taught me the value of connection and how to live free of burdens that weigh us down in everyday life. I have been on many adventure outings with Larry and his knowledge of the outdoors is immense. He is always teaching, leading, inspiring and mentoring others. One thing that I have come to really know about Larry is that he has a rare natural gift that inspires men to follow their hearts, which in turn, leads them to what the heart truly craves; adventure, purpose and ultimately Freedom! - Brian Murray, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Orlando FL.
~ Brian

When I went to see Larry, I was very reluctant. Like so many men, I was not one who wanted to open up about the problems in his life. I had just turned 50 and was thinking, like many men that age, that my life had not exactly turned out as I had planned. I felt like a failure. I was existing, not living. I had a beautiful wife, two amazing boys, a job that more than provided our needs – what more does a man need? And, why shouldn’t any man be satisfied with that? But, it wasn’t enough – I wanted more. And, like John Clark in Shall We Dance, I felt guilty and selfish for wanting more. Larry showed me.....
~ Chuck

We accept the following insurance providers:

Private Pay is available for those without insurance.